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ZED Pavilion, ZEDfactory Low Carbon Design Showcase at Shanghai Expo 2010

ZEDpavilion at Shanghai Expo 2010

ZEDfactory, a London-based architectural practice, are proud to have exhibited The ZEDpavilion at the Shanghai Expo 2010. With a concept of Zero Energy Development pioneered by Bill Dunster and the ZEDfactory themselves, The ZEDpavilion is projected as a showcase of a holistic approach to urban sustainability; an exemplar of low carbon design of which The ZEDfactory believe to be the key to meeting global commitments to a low carbon future.

ZEDpavilion - Photovoltaic Solar Panel

Based on the theme Better City – Better Life, The ZEDpavilion showcases innovative and holistic solutions to Zero Carbon Urbanism. The building is super-insulated with high levels of thermal mass, an airtight construction and passive solar orientation. A large Photovoltaic solar panel array provides the building with green electricity. A ventilation system complete with rotating wind cowls, provides fresh air circulation. When the Expo ends in 6 months, the pavilion is planned to be retained as a permanent Zero Carbon Museum of Shanghai. From now on, with a newly built ZEDfactory satellite office in Shanghai, to work with the Chinese construction industry and continue to develop low carbon solutions for a wide range of climates and densities.

Since the opening of the Shanghai Expo 2010, The ZEDpavilion has been housing exhibitions designed by The ZEDfactory, London Development Agency (LDA) and The University of Nottingham. The pavilion has been providing visitors with an extensive program of events for the duration of the Expo. Besides the exhibition spaces, the building also contains other facilities including a restaurant, bar, lecture hall, 6 showflats and even a catwalk set to host the latest Chinese eco fashion design shows.

More information on the Shanghai Expo ZEDpavilion at The ZEDfactory website

ZEDpavilion - the Two Storey Buildings ZEDpavilion - Green Roofs ZEDpavilion - Office Space
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