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YUCA Chairs by Studio Vertijet

YUCA Chairs - Exhibition

Comfortable sophisticated seating furniture design is coming from German designers Kirsten Hoppert and Steffen Kroll of Studio Vertijet. These two famous furniture designers have designed two chairs, both named YUCA, for the German furniture manufacturer COR. The YUCA easy chair is a series of chair that designed a softly rounded cup of petals, appearing to grow out of thin air. This chair is designed for people who need space and are at peace with themselves. It stands on a metal X-shaped base which is chrome-plated or lacquered. The result is a perfect shape brimming with flexibility and seating comfort. The covers are available in fabric and leather. This beautiful chairs also available in many colors such as red, blue, white, purple, and yellow. via

YUCA Chairs - Blue Edition YUCA Chairs - Chairs Product YUCA Chairs - Multicolors Edition YUCA Chairs - Red and White Edition
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