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Xodtec Group USA, Inc. Releases New Directional Landscape Light

Xodtec Directional Projection Light - Front View

Xodtec Group USA, Inc. announced the release of LED directional landscape light (Model Number: G0101, G0102), suitable for garden projection lighting, lawn, landscape, and paver lighting.

Xodtec Directional Projection Light - Side View

G0101 and G0102 both provide colors of light including red, green, and blue; color temperatures 3000K (warm white) and 6000K (cold white); beam angles 25o and 40o, waterproof rating IP66; life span 20,000 hours, and both have maximum power consumption 12 watts.

“Directional LED lighting creates beautiful gardens at night, with depth and natural tones whereas halogens were designed as general lighting source to provide flood lighting,” said Wilson Chen, Xodtec Group’s Head of R&D. “Halogens were basically designed to illuminate household rooms, whereas our LED landscape lights have adjustable elevation angle and applicable on different subject matters (statues, paths, streams, vases etc). High quality garden light increases the value of the garden, adjacent buildings and promotes the ambience. Xodtec is looking forward to designing outdoor lighting systems to meet customers’ outdoor lighting needs today and in the future.”

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