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Western Interiors Magazine Receives New Funding

Western Interiors Magazine

Gerald T. Halpin, Chairman of Western Interiors & Design LLC, announced today that the company has received additional funding from some of its original investors to finance the company’s new initiatives and the continued growth of Western Interiors & Design magazine.

“In this difficult economic environment,” says Publisher Jennifer Matthews, “it is wonderful to be able to put aside short-term distractions and focus on building the business for the long term. Our magazine has attracted an outstanding readership whose homes are valued at more than twice the national average. These readers need the inspiration and sound advice that Western Interiors provides in every issue. With this funding we know that we will continue to be able to serve those needs.”

“Over the last five years we have developed Western Interiors into the foremost interpreter of the unique design vocabulary of the West,” says Editor-in-Chief Michael Wollaeger. “This vocabulary is remarkable in its diversity, but its common themes include: innovative thinking, respect for the landscape, indoor-outdoor spaces, and the relaxed style and casual sophistication that are hallmarks of western living. The western design vocabulary can be expressed in radically different ways, but it is nevertheless thematically consistent and increasingly influential around the world. We look forward to continuing to interpret this exciting design scene well into the future.”

Now in its sixth year of publication, Western Interiors magazine was founded as the first national magazine to celebrate the best in home and interior design throughout the West. It now has 250,000 circulation and a readership that is among the most affluent in its category, according to 2008 Mendelsohn research.

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