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WALLTAT 2010 Wall Decals and Green Wallpaper Collection

WALLTAT Cherry Branch - Wall Decals

WALLTAT entered the wall decals market just 2 years ago and quickly got the attention of design professionals with its fresh designs and ability to customize sizes and colors. “WALLTAT is truly a made to order company and I love that because it tells me that everything we make will be used.” Jordan’s passion for sustainable design and low waste has shaped an efficient production process allowing for wall decals to be customized in 34 different colors and sizes up to 10 feet wide. WALLTAT also has a commercial design department that creates custom graphics for interior design professionals and hospitality clients.

WALLTAT Baby Wall Decal-Choo-Choo Train

But wall decals are not only thing that WALLTAT does well. This year’s collection also features new designs for the WALLTAT “Green” wallpaper collection. Furthermore, customers that need a specific look can create custom wallpaper through WALLTAT.
Printed with eco-solvent inks on an ecological cloth, WALLTAT wallpaper is highly flame retardant and approved for most commercial uses (Rated :M1/B1/C1/NFPA 701/CSFM/MEA). “The ability to print custom wallpaper is an interior designer’s dream. It just opens up a world of possibilities,” says Jordan.

WALLTAT’s success for innovative design was recently featured on “House Calls” a Ron Hazelton hosted show. In his segment Ron shows just how quick and easy our wall decals can be installed. His comments suggest that the wall decals design is that of a fine artist.

With the 2010 Collection, WALLTAT has expanded its product offering to nearly 1000 designs and is not looking to stop anytime soon. WALLTAT actively seeks new designs from artists from around the globe and is quick to add them to its site and other distribution channels.

For more information on WALLTAT products and distribution contact them toll free at 888-WALLTAT or email at info(at)walltat(dot)com.

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