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Vufolds Bifold Style Folding Sliding Doors

Outdoor Living and Entertaining

Socialising and dining at home has become the new going out experience. More and more people are choosing to spend their time adapting and enhancing their living space to create the perfect social and dining environment. A natural extension to this trend is to open up the living space into the garden using folding and sliding doors, bringing the indoor-outdoor living area to life. This inspirational concept of combining living areas with the simple addition of bifold style folding sliding patio doors will allow homeowners to get this contemporary, yet practical aspirational look.

Stylish Bifold style folding doors

Vufold, a leading folding sliding door and patio door manufacturer offer the perfect high-quality, yet cost-effective solution to creating this indoor-outdoor living experience.

Vufold’s extensive range of pre-finishes and size combinations of internal and external folding doors and patio doors are built with comparable quality of a bespoke folding sliding door but at a fraction of the cost. The hardwood timber doors are designed in the UK and built in a state-of-the-art timber engineering factory. With demand being high, the doors are mass produced allowing the savings of Vufold doors to be passed directly to the consumer providing high quality folding doors comparable to bespoke quality at off-the-shelf low prices.

Installing Vufold folding sliding doors is an in-expensive alternative to a costly and disruptive extension project and provides an alternative to building additional space whilst achieving the designer look.

This indoor-outdoor living experience trend couldn’t have evolved at a better time. With this summer’s predicted heat wave, the Vufold product range will transform the homeowner’s outdoor living area into a harmonious extension to their home.

This new internal and external hardwood door range can now be purchased directly from the manufacturer at

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