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Villa Saitan by EASTERN Design Office

Villa Saitan - Front View

Unique architecture house design is coming from EASTERN Design Office. this architectural firm architect designed the Villa Saitan apartment building in Kyoto, Japan. Site area of this chic modern architecture house design is 301.82m2 and Total floor area of the entire house is 557.70m2 The unique things of this house design is there is no architecture covered with a wall in which holes. The shape of the holes resembles a trunk, leaves, a root and bulbs. It also can be seen as clouds floating over the trees. Concrete shape which is based on nature turns into a hollow cave, light, and sunbeams filtered through trees. This type of unique house design will get a lot of people’s attention if they were passing by. The eye catching design and the architectural value might be a best part of this house. if you are a modern house design that have a unique value of each part of the design lover, this house might be your choice to be owned. via

Villa Saitan - Entrance Design Villa Saitan - Interior design Villa Saitan - Modern Residence Design Villa Saitan - Side View
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