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Villa Dali by 123DV Architecture

Villa Dali - Modern House Architecture Design

123DV Architecture have completed the beautiful modern and unique villa residence design called the Villa Dali near The Hague in The Netherlands. This Modern house architecture design has a unique design different from another modern house design. The best part of this house design is the house is the combination between the beautiful Jugendstill forms, the closed facades, the treasures of the diving world and the unique works of the artist Dali. The theme of this house creation is creating a house design which has a passion about the sense of art, nautical minded and have a love of art, sculptures and especially the work of Salvador Dali. The result is a cylindrical white stucco main building with a nautilus spiral structure inside; representing the world of diving. The closed facade facing the street represents the so called Spanish architecture with a blown up ‘Jugendstil’ pattern in the six meter wooden panel as the entrance. In the center of the house there is a double story cylindrical space. via

Villa Dali - Bedroom Design Villa Dali - First Floor Plan Villa Dali - Ground Floor Plan Villa Dali - Interior Design Villa Dali - Kitchen Design Villa Dali - Personal Library
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