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VAST Composite Landscape and Deck Pavers

VASTs composite material is a unique formulation of up to 95 percent recycled automobile tires and plastic containers.

VAST Composite Pavers, made from over 95 percent post-consumer recycled materials (70 percent recycled scrap tire rubber, and 25 percent recycled HDPE and/or PP plastic), are available in permeable and non-permeable versions for light vehicular and pedestrian applications, such as driveways, parking lots, sidewalks, patios—and at one-third the weight of concrete, even over wooden decks. A proprietary grid system makes installation quick and clean; finished prices are typically less than concrete pavers, according to the company. The pavers are guaranteed not to crack, yet can be cut with conventional wood saws.

When installers place VAST Composite Pavers into the grid, they are automatically spaced and aligned correctly.

VAST Enterprises, LLC; 1828 Marshall St. NE Ste. 15A, Minneapolis MN 55418; phone 612-234-8958;

Engineered to be Beautiful, Tough and Sustainable At one-third the weight of concrete pavers, and available in a permeable version, VAST Pavers are ideal for rooftops.
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