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UBPA B3-2 Pavilion by Studio Archea

Pavilion architecture design

Beautiful architecture design is coming from Italian architects Studio Archea. They have designed a modern building called the pavilion for the Urban Best Practice Area at the Shanghai Expo 2010. this Project is by Exhibition pavilion is located in Shanghai, China. The Client is World Expo Shanghai 2010 Holding Company. With Plot area: 3,000 sq.m and Built area: 2,000 sq.m the Contractor Shanghai Construction Company success to create a very beautiful architecture design.

Pavilion a beautiful architecture

The Pavilion building is a simple rectangular box, 78×28 meters, completely free inside to create a neutral space that can accommodate the exhibits of the cities participating in the event. As the project is part of a cooperation program between the Expo and the Italian Ministry of the Environment, the design also turned the concept of an industrial-inspired envelope into a mechanism for spreading natural light so that the space could be fully lit without using any energy. To these ends, the roof was designed as a shed structure along the building’s long side, crossed by steel beams clad so as to form reflecting surfaces that spread the light from above. The design was also conceived to allow for the building’s complete conversion and reuse. It was designed and built to be able to be disassembled and reassembled in another place. For this reason, the entire building was made with mortarless technologies that let over 90% of the parts used in the construction be recovered. The outside walls are a metal structure clad with silicon textile panels to turn the building container into a soft, vibrating surface. via

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