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U-House by Natalie Dionne

U-House - Architecture Residence

One of the successful project in designing a residence of the architect Natalie Dionne was The U-House, Natalie Designed this marvelous modern house residence located in Montreal, Canada. Designed to have a double function house both the family residence and her office space, this house is designed along with her partner, who works in cinema, working together to design a nice house with great aesthetic design. Designed so awesome this residence exploits the idea of fluidity between interior and exterior spaces. The Ipê wood deck which is an extension of the dining room’s inlaid wood floor helps to confound the boundary between inside and outside when the large accordion style door is opened. At the other end of the L shaped deck, one of the original buildings huge windows is actually a garage door that also opens up fully to seamlessly integrate the living room with the garden. For added spatial continuity and a layered effect, the wood and steel façade elements of the new additions were mapped to the interior. via

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  1. hagu says:

    how much will it cost to do this design of house? does the design suitable for country like Malaysia? it makes me craving for a beautiful house like this…

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