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THX 1138 Floor Lamp from spHaus

THX 1138 Floor Lamp - Lighting Furniture

THX 1138 Floor Lamp is a lighting furniture creation of the designer spHaus founder Filippo Dell’Orto. This designer designed and created this floor lamp for the Italian manufacturer spHaus. The manufacture provides you with two versions of this THX 1138. The first version is a high impact design with one meter diameter disc, is an ambient installation. While the second one is the smaller version of the previous version but it is designed more commercially viable size, is a lot like a traditional stem lamp. All the versions are available in black or white. The material that is used to make this freestanding lamp is aluminum and painted steel. A large disc resting on a thin stem holds the light source: the light, generated by a combination of energy-saving LEDs, is diffused toward the ceiling for a sober, even effect. via

THX 1138 Floor Lamp - Lighting Design THX 1138 Floor Lamp - Lighting Collection
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