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The Superfax Series by Apparatu and Mashallah Design

The Superfax Series - Box Pleat Lamps

Just check this beautiful collection of contemporary furniture design called The Superfax Series that have been designed by Barcelona based Apparatu and Berlin based Mashallah Design. The Superfax Series is designed consists of a variety of suspension lamps and a stool. What makes this all furniture different from other furniture is the material objects that is used is organically, manually, using hand made. The furniture collection that have been introduced including Fractal Stool, Scotch Club, and Box Pleat Lamps, Fractal stool is an upholstered stool built in two parts. A soft foam cushion follows the extreme contours of the ceramic base part. Scotch Club is a ceramic spotlight with 75 faces. The huge amount of facettes enables the user to adjust the light in any position. The box pleat series is a collection of 3 Lamps simulating a textile silhouette with ceramics. The fall of a box pleat was digitally simulated and then assigned into lamp shades.

The Superfax Series - Fractal Stool The Superfax Series - Scotch Club
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