Architecture Things » The Omicra Chair by Sotiris Lazou for Varangis

The Omicra Chair by Sotiris Lazou for Varangis

The Omicra Chair - Seating Collection

The Omicra Chair is a beautiful and elegant contemporary seating furniture that has been designed by Sotiris Lazou. this furniture designer and architect has designed this Omicra chair for the Greek furniture manufacturer Varangis. The design is so awesome and sophisticated, creating such a new kind of seating furniture, unique and awesome, a single seamless plank of pressed multilaminar plantation wood is vacuum formed and the backrest is attenuated using CNC routing technology, intentionally pushing the material to its very limits to achieve extreme flexibility and body-hugging comfort. via

The Omicra Chair - Black Edition The Omicra Chair - White Edition
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