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The Ledge Shelving Unit by Kazuhiro Yamanaka

The Ledge Shelving Unit

The Ledge Shelving Unit is a contemporary shelves collection that is designed by Kazuhiro Yamanaka for the furniture manufacture Pallucco. a steep rocky cliff face as the impact of the constant action of waves and strong winds become the inspiration of Kazuhiro Yamanaka in designing this stunning shelves. Each module consists of 4 oblique columns that are not parallel to the wall with fixed protruding shelves at differing intervals, and adjustable feet. The modular units made in MDF (th. 8 mm), with either matt white lacquer finish or matt silver lacquer finish, and are designed for wall mounting (with provided brackets). such a great shelving design. via

The Ledge Shelving Units The Ledge Shelving
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