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The Latest Furniture from Feiz Design

Feiz Design - Bras Seating

The industrial designer Khodi Feiz & graphic designer Anneko Feiz – van Dorssen found this Feiz Design Studio in 1998 and now on these two designers with the help of their team creating and designing some some great pieces brand new product, they are: Palma Lounge Chair, Plana Seating, Talk Lighting, Bras Seating, Flevo Chair, Peel Convertible Furniture, Perf Outdoor Furniture, via

Feiz Design - Flevo Chair Feiz Design - Palma Lounge Chair Feiz Design - Peel Convertible Furniture Feiz Design - Perf Outdoor Furniture Feiz Design - Plana Seating Feiz Design - Talk Lighting
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