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The ISEAMI House by Robles Architects

The ISEAMI House - Exterior Design

Robles Architects have finished designing a stunning modern house architecture project design called the ISEAMI House located in Playa Carate, Península de Osa, Puntarenas, Costa Rica. The theme of designing this house design is to create a sophisticated modern house design that serve as a multifunctional place in order to host activities as Investigation, meditation, training, Yoga and joy at the terrace located in the first level. This modern house design is built by taking a look at 10 important elements as: Site, Climate, Energy, Water, Materials, environment, atmosphere, cost, innovation with the use of passive strategies and the implemented processes. This is a wonderful project in that it addresses environmental issues in an elegant way without the customary pastiche usually associated with energy awareness. via

The ISEAMI House - Balcony The ISEAMI House - Bathroom Design The ISEAMI House - Bedroom design The ISEAMI House - Interior Design The ISEAMI House - Kitchen design The ISEAMI House - Terrace Design
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