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The Fizz Barstool from Wiesner Hager

The Fizz Barstool - Seating Collection

The Austrian furniture manufacturer Wiesner Hager present you with one of their collection of contemporary seating furniture, The Fizz Barstool. This barstool is designed by The Zurich, Switzerland based design studio of Greutmann Bolzern. Working together to create a new pieces of stool furniture, the aim of this collaboration is to create a modern counter height seating range that reflects much of today’s demands and needs for sitting in a more relaxed, social and informal way. And The Fizz Barstool is the result, a unique stool which also has the practical benefit of providing easy access and comfort as well as providing a very modern twist on the bar-stool genre. via

The Fizz Barstool - Seating Design The Fizz Barstool - Seating Furniture
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