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The Elise Island Project by Dan Pearlman

The Elise Island Project waiting room design

Stunning colorful architecture design is coming from The Dan Pearlman creative agency, This architecture agency has created a holistic dreamland for young patients with psychiatric issues at the ‘Evangelisches Konigin Elisabeth Krankenhaus’ Hospital, in Berlin, Germany. Actually the design is motivated from The legend of Princess Elise the story told to the children when they arrive at the institution: when she was young, Princess Elise invented her own island, with golden sand, palm trees, rocks that kiss the waves and shelters where she could rest when she needed to. Here she was always safe. Now as a grown-up lady, Elise does no longer need to live on the island and therefore dedicated it to her young patients in the hospital.

The Elise Island Project interior design

Each room in the hospital was designed in terms of shape, colour, materials and light with the aim of promoting a positive atmosphere, empowering children’s imagination and positive emotions. The new concept meets the demands of young patients and therapeutical staff at the same time. The obligations of therapeutic professionals and the emotional needs of young patients are now balanced. via

The Elise Island Project site plan design The Elise Island Project play ground design The Elise Island Project relaxroom design
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