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The Black House by Andrés Remy Architects

The Black House modern residence design

Another modern house design for young couple without children is done by Andrés Remy Architects. This lovely architect designed The Black House in a suburb of Buenos Aires, Argentina. This sophisticated modern house is located in a closed neighborhood, 30km. away from Buenos Aires. The lot, 20 meters wide and 50 meters length with 3 meter of lateral retreats. The entire actual surface is 330m. The architect’s main point in designing this house is dividing the social areas in two. In one side are located the common areas, such as the kitchen and the dinning room. On the other side is located the living room, closer to the lake. This strong characteristic house is design for the privacy of the owner. The stunning and elegant design, the interior and exterior architecture is designed so chic and sophisticated. via

The Black House balcony design The Black House interior design The Black House living room design The Black House modern kitchen design
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