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The 2013 international SEED Award for Excellence in Public Interest Design Winners

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SEED Award for Excellence in Public Interest Design recognize excellence in social, economic, and environmental design, and represent the collaborations needed to create truly sustainable projects and change in the world. And this year, 2013, Six project from the architects out of sixty-five submitted from 21 countries around the world had been chosen as the winners of this international design competition.

Maa-Bara - Catalyzing Economic Change and Food Security by Designing Decentralized Aquaponics Production

Bellow are the six winning projects in this SEED Award for Excellence in Public Interest Design competition.

– Maa-Bara: Catalyzing Economic Change & Food Security by Designing Decentralized Aquaponics Production
Team: Maa-bara Organization, Lenya Primary School, Lenya Community Leaders, Bolena Fish Farms, Anthony Dunn, Obadiah Owiti, MIT’s IDEAS Global Challenge, MIT Sloan Africa Business Club, MIT School of Architecture + Planning, Dr. Calestous Juma (Mentor), Mr. Julius Akinyemi (Mentor), and Dr. Siyad Abdullahi (Adviser).
Location: Lenya (Bondo District), Nyanza, Kenya
Issues Addressed: Education; empowerment; food security/hunger; entrepreneurship; environmental sustainability

– SAGE: Affordable Green Modular Classrooms
Team: Portland State University’s (PSU’s) Department of Architecture, PSU’s Green Building Lab, PSU’s Institute for Sustainable Solutions, basic Initiative, Gervais School District, San Jose Unified School District, Lincoln/Concord Massachusetts Unified School District, State of Oregon Governors Office and Cool School Program, State Of Washington Governors Office, Energy Trust of the Oregon and Washington States, Oregon Solutions, Gerding Edlan Partners, Mckinstry Engineering, PAE Engineering, Oregon AIA.
Location: Gervais, Oregon
Issues Addressed: Civic engagement; long-term health & low cost maintenance; strengthening community; wellness; and environmental sustainability.

– Rosa F. Keller Building
Team: Community Solutions, HCI Architecture, Inc., UNITY of Greater New Orleans, HRI Properties
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
Issues Addressed: Disaster (long-term recovery); health; homeless and permanent housing/shelter

– Firm Foundation
Team: Solo Kota Kita, AECOM UrbanSOS Program, BAPPEDA Kota Banjarmasin, DTRK Banjarmasin, PNPM Banjarmasin
Location: Banjarmasin, Kalimantan, Indonesia
Issues Addressed: Gathering spaces; access to services; employment; water; environmental sustainability

– Sudan Jalle School
Team: Rebuild Sudan
Location: Jalle Payam, Jonglei State, South Sudan
Issues Addressed: Disaster/long term recovery; education; strengthening community; prioritizing marginalized (girls & orphans); environmental sustainability

– Puyallup Longhouse
Team: Environmental Works Community Design Center, Puyallup Tribal Housing Authority, Malsam Tsang Engineering Corporation, Haozous Engineering, Thomas Rengstorf & Associates, Ecotope, Travis, Fitzmaurice & Associates, Marpac Construction, Common Ground, O’Brien & Company
Location: Tacoma, Washington, Puyallup Tribal Reservation
Issues Addressed: Cultural Heritage, Affordable Housing, Strengthening Community, Alternative Energy, Environmental Sustainability

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Puyallup Longhouse Rosa F. Keller Building SAGE - Affordable Green Modular Classrooms Sudan Jalle School
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