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TC-2 Cordless Tube Cutter

Cordless Tube Cutter TC-2

OSG Power Tools is proud to present the new patent pending TC-2 Cordless Tube Cutter. The TC-2 can quickly change cut head to cut any size tubing ranging from 1.25″ OD to 4″ OD in less than 6 seconds! The TC-2 is capable of cutting a wide variety of materials including Copper, Stainless Steel, steel, PVC, Poly pipe and other round tubing. Some of the TC-2’s other features include; clean perpendicular cut, self feeding cutter, “easy to see” cutting mark alignment and easy to change chip-less cutting blade.

OSG Power Tools TC-2 Cordless Tube Cutter

Address 1: 759 Industrial Dr.
City: Bensenville
State: IL
Zip: 60106
Country: USA
Phone: 630-561-4008
Contact Name: Lazo Lazarevic

Cordless Tube Cutter TC-2 - Cut Head
9 Responses to “TC-2 Cordless Tube Cutter”
  1. elham says:

    i am from Iran and my company need a cutting stainless steel pipe with 1.5mm thickness and 1.5 – 4 inch OD.
    please give me yr quotation.

  2. Seb says:

    Hi,I was interested in your cordless tube cutter.
    How much is it.
    Are your pipesize compatible with australian sizes.
    Many thanks.

  3. DIVESH says:

    I am intrested in your cordless tube cutter. please quote me best price.

  4. shiva kumar.N says:

    please send the quotation of TC-2 Cordless Tube Cutter. Please also send the photos while processing how will it is working.

  5. tammy says:

    I just sent a question asking for a quote on the tube cutter. However what I need to understand is if there are any chips generated during the cutting operation if I was to use this for a solid rod about 6 mm in diameter?

  6. dragan says:

    I am intrested in your cordless tube cutter. please quote me best price.

  7. John Morris says:

    I am very interested in purchasing the TC-2 pipe cutter, can you please send me a price for this product?
    We are cutting 30mm diameter, 2mm thick steel tube with a thin plastic protective coat, we need a tool that can do this precisely and quickly.

    Look forward to your response.

    John Morris

  8. Ian G Smith says:

    We require a pipe/tubing cold cutting machine to cut pipe/tubing for insertion of additional hydraulic valves. The pipe/tubing is part of a large existing hydraulic system so the cutter has to be able to cut the pipe/tubing in situ in tight accessible areas on this offshore platform. Preferable with a head that can open up, encircle the pipe and by cold cutting wheel method, cut this section of pipe for a valve installation. Largest pipe/tubing is 2-1/2″down to 1-1/2″ Pipe schedule 160 for HP down to 80 on return and all are Stainless steel.

  9. please send me unit price, avalibilty and replacement cutting wheel cost

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