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Tartu Rebase Street by Thomas Pucher and Bramberger Architects

Tartu Rebase Street - Residential Houses

Located in Tartu, Estonia, The Tartu Rebase is the work of the duo architects; Atelier Thomas Pucher and Bramberger Architects. Playing with the unusual aesthetic design of a building, this recently completed houses building is designed based on the concept taking advantages of single residential homes with the economical aspects of apartment living, which are the advantages of privacy, outdoor gardens and the boundless views that a single residential home offers with the low economic and maintenance costs of an apartment.

Tartu Rebase Street - Balcony

clear and simple concept is applied to the design of this building: the spaces are being organized based on the main functions and distributing between two big rings which are the service ring and the living area ring. The most inner ring organizes the service functions, were one can find the entrance to the apartments, wardrobes, bathroom, sauna areas and in most cases the kitchen area. All infrastructural elements are located in this area, providing economical advantages by its installation and acting as a noise barrier to the lobby. via

Tartu Rebase Street - Exterior Tartu Rebase Street - Front View Tartu Rebase Street - Parking Lot Tartu Rebase Street - Plan
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