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Ta-rae Lamps by Design Virus

Ta-rae Lamps - Attractive Colorful Lamp

Attractive colorful lighting furniture is coming from Design Virus, Design Virus is a famous a Korean design studio that always done a great job in designing furniture for your home improvement, This furniture studios have created the Ta-rae lamps. The lamp itself is derived from the Korean Name that has a meaning bunched up and lumped threads or strings. Available is many attractive colors, the Ta-rae Lighting is composed of ten Seoul colors and with Korea’s own traditional colors carries that eastern feel. Turning on the light when pulled, the on-and-off switch for this unique Lighting is made of thimble. via

Ta-rae Lamps - Unique Lighting Furniture
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  1. Tilman Wuerschmidt says:

    who sells the ta-rae lamp?
    can’t find it anywhere.

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