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Ta Phin Community House by 1+1>2

Ta Phin Community House - 01

17km Far away from the center of Sapa town Vietnam, There is a simple yet stunning a multi-functional community house located in T? Phìn, Sa Pa District, Lao Cai province, Vietnam. this community house is a tourism object that preserving natural resources and environment, as well as enhancing the local cultural diversity and traditional handicrafts. The action program will include training strategies for local people in sustainable agriculture, tourism, and project management.

Ta Phin Community House - 02

Aimed to contribute to the local economic growth, enhance tourism development and maximize the local potentials, The local government trusted the 1+1>2 architect to develop and design this community house. by their design hopefully this community house will attract so many visitors. After doing several research about the cultural and the community in this area the 1+1>2 architect finally decided to design the community house based on the inspiration of the traditional red-scarf of the Dao minority woman, as well as the form of the mountainous topography of Sapa. The building uses local labor and material such as stone, recycled wood, adobe brick and other sustainable green technologies such as: rain-water filter system, solar energy, 5 compartment septic tanks, energy saving fireplaces, utilizing extra heat from the fireplace. via

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