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Suncurve Lightshelves

Lamcel Suncurve Lightshelves - 02

Interior lightshelves are installed on windows to reflect natural light up onto ceilings, reducing glare and the need for artificial lighting. Most flat, or planar, lightshelves don’t work as well when the sun is low in the sky, but the curved, polished aluminum surface of Suncurve lightshelves reflects this low-angle light farther into the building, improving light dispersion by up to 153 percent, according to the company. Made using Lamcel’s honeycomb aluminum construction, these adjustable lightshelves are only ¼-inch thick, weigh just 1 pound per square foot, and are available in painted or wood grain finishes. Lamcel; New York, NY. 514-457-4760;

Lamcel Suncurve Lightshelves - 03 Lamcel Suncurve Lightshelves - 01
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