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Stratospheric by Fletcher Vaughan

Stratospheric - Instalation Blue edition

Stunning futuristic installation design is done by New Zealand designer Fletcher Vaughan. This architect and designer has finished the Stratospheric sculpture he created for the Brick Bay Sculpture Trail in Matakana, New Zealand. The aim of the furniture was he wants to design a unique architecture design that people will appreciate and give a complement and finally he is designing one-off pieces of furniture and three dimensional art works. He undercuts any industrial associations of his material through the element of design and the influence of digital culture. Stratospheric is somewhat surreal with its gravity defying ascent of orbs. Each one is composed of layers or strata of opaque, white Corian that are set with ‘spacers’ of translucent Perspex. The angles at which the spheres are piled on top of each other create a precarious tension and an element of wonder. This is enhanced particularly at night as the luminous orbs are lit up internally becoming circles of glowing light. via

Stratospheric - Instalation Design Stratospheric - Orange Edition Stratospheric - Public Installation Stratospheric - Public Outdoor furniture
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