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STAR Pendant Lamps by Rodrigo Vairinhos

STAR Pendant Lamps lighting collection

unique lighting furniture is found At this year’s SaloneSatellite show in Milan, The furniture designer Rodrigo Vairinhos of NEO Design was exhibiting his STAR Pendant Lamps. This lamp furniture has a theme that is inspired from a diamond shaped pendant lamp and inspired by Origami constructions. 2mm aluminium plate was the raw material selected in order to create the whole structure.

STAR Pendant Lamps antique lighting design

The designer of this sophisticated lamp tried to concentrate his work on the light/shadow interaction between the core lighting bulb and the object itself, as it provides a reflection on its high glossy surfaces. via

STAR Pendant Lamps exhibition STAR Pendant Lamps origami design STAR Pendant Lamps unique lighting design
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