Architecture Things » Sofa Ruché by Inga Sempé for Ligne Roset

Sofa Ruché by Inga Sempé for Ligne Roset

Sofa Ruché - Comfortable Sofa Furniture

French designer Inga Sempé has done a comfortable seating furniture design. This lovely furniture designer has created the Sofa Ruché for Ligne Roset. The challenge for the designer in designing this seat is to create The lovely elegant and modern sofa furniture that has a settee lifted from the ground by a simple, fine structure which supports a comfortable seat. This sofa furniture also made from a very friendly and comfortable material, it made from tubing and fabric, combines rigidity and flexibility, with airy looks and sparing use of materials. Can be placed anywhere in your house, this sofa furniture will bring the beauty to your home interior and available in yellow and white color edition. via

Sofa Ruché - Nice Seating Furniture Sofa Ruché - White Edition Sofa Ruché - Yellow Edition
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