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Six elegant Coat Racks

SO Coat Rack

Do your favorite coat in one of these stilin’ coat racks from various designers. The Tree Coat Stand by Michael Young & Katrin Petursdottir Available from Swedese, The Appiglio Clothes Stand designed by M.Marconato & T.Zappa Spotted at Porada, SO – a sculpture-like coat rack by Jackie Choi, the Spider Clothes Hanger designed by T.Colzani Spotted at Porada, Portabitti, designed by Pol Quadens and spotted at Vange, The Wall Brooch (Coat Rack) by designers Marcel Sigel and Alana Di Giacomo from Zuii. via

The Appliglio Clothes Stand The Spider Clothes Hanger The Tree Coat Stand The Wall Brooch Coat Rack Portabitti Coat Rack
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  1. Ajay says:

    We have requirement of port abitti coat rack for Novotel India . Can i have your indian Supplier or repersentatives contact detail please.


  2. Nishi says:


    looking for some coat hanger for Novotel properties in india


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