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Setia Eco Villa by TWS Partners

Setia Eco Villa bathroom design

The modern house architecture is designed by TWS Partners. This manufacture have designed the Setia Eco Villa in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The idea of this archtecture is to create an unique, modern, sustainable architecture style without leave tropical aspects as a starting point. The site itself was a part of master plan of integrated mixed use and residential function called SETIA ECO PARK, which carried the GREEN ENVIRONMENT concept. This development brings the Green Environment concept, within the site planning, dedicated to middle upper class market.

Setia Eco Villa bedroom design

Setia Eco Villa by TWS Partners is design to create the housing environment which will reflects the modernity of asian architecture style without leaving the tropical aspects as design constraint. The usage of wide canopy in the top part of the building also play a double role, as a place for solar panel, beside as a canopy. This amount of solar panel was calculated to reduce 30 % of energy consumed within this villa.

Setia Eco Villa dining room design Setia Eco Villa first floor site plan Setia Eco Villa ground floor layout plan Setia Eco Villa second floor layout plan
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