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Samuel K Designer Windows offer Revolutionary Window Treatment

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An entirely new option in window treatments has revolutionized the window industry with a one-of-a-kind window product having residential, commercial, and religious applications. Samuel K Designer Windows are the stylish and affordable alternative to pricy leaded or stained glass windows and a new addition to the DIY market. The hand assembled, seamless, layered designs are easily applied to the existing window, enhancing the strength and integrity of the glass while protecting rooms and furnishings from UV damage with a built-in 98% UV protection factor.

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The UV protection contained in the triple-layered overlay creates a barrier from damaging ultraviolet radiation which prevents fading for carpets, hardwood floors, fabrics, artwork, and furniture. The overlay also provides a shield from heat and cold, whereas the touch of regular windows in winter would be cold, Samuel K Designer windows are warm to the touch, trapping heat in your rooms and keeping cold out.

Another industry first, the UV inhibitors are built into the polyester and vinyl films, which demonstrates the strength of the product to endure the everyday wear of the sun, backed by the 10-year limited warranty against delaminating, peeling and discoloring. While ordinary clear window glass lets in about 70% of the sun’s UV radiation, Samuel K Designer windows block the damaging UV rays that cause fading, while letting light pass through your custom designed window. Samuel K Designer Windows still allow natural lighting in your rooms with the extra comfort and security of privacy.

A better application than blinds or shutters on doors, sidelights, transoms & odd shaped windows; the unlimited colors and textures of the custom artwork can be designed to fit any shape window. Additionally, the Designer Window is very economical and costs less than a quarter of the price of a traditional leaded glass window. A Do It Yourselfer’s dream, the air-tight and water-tight designs are easy to apply in only 15 minutes, with no special skills required for installation. Website:

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