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Reverb Chair by Brodie Neill

Reverb Chair - Aluminum Seat Product

Stunning Contemporary seating furniture product also coming from Brodie Neill. This designer work hard to create a new beautiful seating stuff that made from Nickel plated aluminum, and the result is an attractive and unique chair called the Reverb Chair. This Reverb Chair is a limited sophisticated chair that inspired from the reverberation of sound and only produced limited edition of 20. Reverb will be introduced and shown to the public for the first time at The Apartment Gallery in London. Reverb Chair is a Hand-formed and mirror-polished from sheet aluminum, the single inverted skin evolves to provide function, yet is poised in a sculpturally dynamic pose. Nice and beautiful chair design done by the architect. via

Reverb Chair - Contemporary Seating Furniture Reverb Chair - Furniture Exhibition
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