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Quand Jim Se Relaxe Chair by Matali Crasset

Quand jim se relaxe antique chair

The famous Paris-based designer Matali Crasset has designed a very beautiful antique and unique chair and footrest for Domeau & Pérès called Quand jim se relaxe” actually it is a re-newed models of quand jim monte à Paris. made because of the sucesss of the previous model, the mobile hospitality column edited by Domeau & Pérès in 2000. This chair is more than a usual chair. it’s one of the chic furniture that has double function not only to rest your body but also your feet at the same time

Quand jim se relaxe chair

The idea is begin at Ten years later, decidedly installed in Paris, Jim settles down and wonders how to define comfort with all the whole packagewhich made from multi-ply birch and natural leather. The detailed project design highlights the 3D image industry, projected using an upholsterer’s ingenious sewn mastery. [source]

Quand jim se relaxe design Quand jim se relaxe foot step
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