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Plastic Dandy Chair by Isaac Monte

Plastic Dandy Chair - Seating Design

One of the designer that exhibited his design of contemporary furniture seating at the 2009 Stockholm Furniture Fair is Isaac Monté, a design student at Norway’s Oslo National Academy of the Arts, This young designer shown his design of sitting sculpture chair furniture that he had given a name the Plastic Dandy chair. Even though this chair is designed by the Belgian designer Isaac Monté, but the production is held in Norway. The cold, naked plexi-plate contrasts with the warm, woollen plaid. The transparent piece of furniture is formed in such a way that light accentuates the curves. It is been made in one piece of plexi that has been folded by heat into two triangular forms, symbolizing the male figure. The design is just great with beautiful aesthetic and combination of modern and vintage which is innovative. via

Plastic Dandy Chair - Seating Furniture
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