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Peter J Pless Exhibition at SaloneSatellite 2010

Peter J Pless furniture

American designer Peter J Pless is doing exhibition of his furniture At SaloneSatellite 2010 in Milan. he is exhibiting some prototypes he has designed, and was hoping to attract interest from manufacturers. The furnitures are including:

Peter J Pless atelier lamp

1. Atelier Lamp
Through a shift in scale of a familiar domestic prop, the lamp not only lights a room, it becomes a room. The interior space provides a serene environment that is free of visual distractions while offering a sense of security. Materials: Painted MDF, Steel, Fabric

2. Ripple Chair
The soft waves flowing over the surfaces of the chair recall memories of a serene day at the beach. Materials: Painted MDF, Stainless Steel

3. Visage
Spun aluminum modules articulate to either an open or closed position to create a space for privacy or pattern. Materials: Anodized Aluminum

4. Escritoire
A small computer desk that redefines the boundaries of an office environment allowing for work and play in the comfortable setting of the home. Materials: Painted Aluminum, Corian

5. Prism
The mirrored interior surfaces of this geometric table reflect a surprisingly colorful interpretation of the surrounding environment. Materials: Painted Wood, Acrylic

6. Stem
The Stem herb planter is intended to remove the need for excessive packaging of fresh herbs while reducing the need for transportation of a product that can be conveniently within your reach as meals are prepared. Materials: ABS Plastic, Steel

7. Guise
A wood framed leaning mirror offers hanging storage and a space to display. Materials: Maple, Stainless Steel, Mirror

8. Tryst
A seat for one becomes transformed into a place for meeting. Materials: Maple. via

Peter J Pless escritoire Peter J Pless guise Peter J Pless prism Peter J Pless ripple chair Peter J Pless tryst Peter J Pless visage
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