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Pentadyne GTX Flywheel Energy Storage

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Pentadyne’s GTX flywheel is a short-duration energy storage product used to replace batteries in uninterruptible power supply (UPS) in data centers, healthcare, manufacturing, and other commercial applications. Pentadyne utilizes a graphite-composite flywheel magnetically levitated in an argon-filled, vacuum-sealed unit to store kinetic energy for use when the normal power supply is disrupted and before a backup generator starts or power is restored. According to the company, the GTX supplies a continuous 200 kW for 12 seconds or more, replacing 40 lead-acid UPS batteries weighing four times as much and taking up twice the floorspace. Unlike a battery UPS, the GTX requires no additional HVAC, because it operates in a wider temperature range and doesn’t offgas. Standard lead-acid batteries typically use virgin lead and require regular maintenance, with replacement as frequent as every two years. Standby energy consumption of the GTX is 300 watts, similar to the float charge of a battery bank with comparable capacity.

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Pentadyne Power Corporation; Chatsworth, CA. 818-350-0370;

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