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Panama House by Marcio Kogan

Panama House - @nd Floor Corridoor

Another great contemporary Brazilian modern house living residence design is done by Brazillian architect Marcio Kogan. This architect always done such a well done job in designing a beautiful house and this Panama House in São Paulo, Brazil is the proof that this architect never fail in creating such a beautiful place to live. so modern and sophisticated. The interior plan is organized into 3 floors and a sub-solo. Upon entering the lot, a tree-covered patio leads the guest to the door. The stone and the wood, materials that refer to traditional Brazilian building, are mixed with modern materials, such as reinforced concrete and plastic and which create an architectural language. via

Panama House - A Contemporary Modern Residence Panama House - Bathroom Panama House - Exterior Panama House - Family Room Panama House - Living Room Panama House - Modern Design House Panama House - Outdoor Living
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