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OTTOman For All Seasons by Yellow Diva

OTTOman chair

The unique architecture design comes from Australia. Australian design studio Yellow Diva have introduced their OTTOman For All Seasons. Yellow Diva’s OTTOman for all Seasons reflects on the notion of a contemporary heirloom. This furniture issuitable for modern house, soft and chic is the theme of this furniture. This sumptuous centrepiece is designed with flexibility in mind, its chameleon qualities allowing the ottoman to be suited to numerous environments or just have the ability to vary the ambient mood. Alternate between three coordinating luxurious cushions, layered snugly within an elegant timber sled base.

OTTOman antique chair

This fashionable and sophisticated design is so suitable for your home improvement. Each buttoned cushion is feather-wrapped for superior comfort, edged with piping and double-sided for optimum lifespan. The cushion stack is supported on a machined, slatted tray of American oak, secured in place by buckled leather belts. The oak base is available in a choice of finishes, natural or ebonised. via

OTTOman design OTTOman unique chair
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