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Ostrea Sofa by Annika Göransson

Ostrea Sofa design

The Ostrea sofa is an unique design sofa that has recently won a competition from the Upholstery Guild in Copenhagen. Ostrea is a two-seats sofa for the public space made by Annika Göransson, a 26 year old Swedish design student at the Danish Design School the 19th century’s bombastic divans and armchairs, which were richly decorated with tassels, fringes and drapes.

Ostrea Sofa antique chair

This beautiful sofa furniture has been exhibited at the Danish Museum of Art and Design. At the moment and until the end of August all the furniture are being exhibited at Skagen Odde Naturcenter in Denmark. This Furniture is converted the old ornamentation into structures translated the bombastic shapes into a flowing, organic form with the contrast between rough and smooth, light and dark. The construction of the sofa consist of a base sculptured out in dense styrofoam. The sofa is covered partly with cold foam for comfort, the woollen fabrics are glued on and sewn together by hand. The orange thread defines the flexible part of the sofa and is also hand sewn. [source]

Ostrea Sofa back view Ostrea Sofa side view Ostrea Sofa unique chair
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