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Open Box 2 House by Feldman Architecture

Open Box 2 House - After Renovation

One of the project design of the San Francisco based Feldman Architecture was renovating the Open Box 2 House. This modern hilltop house is designed by opened up every aspect of this urban residence and maximizing the hilltop site in surrounding and taking it advantages and making some access to the outdoors. Both interior and exterior are being renovated so nice and clean with beautiful aesthetic design in every single detail. Sunlight enhanced the dramatic transformation of this house from an uninspired 2-storey residence into a sophisticated, modern dwelling. With eco-friendly principles guiding the design direction, elements that once appeared dark and unwelcoming were given a glamorous new beginning with the introduction of translucent glass kitchen tiles, white oak plank floors, and fold away ground level doors. A roof that peels away to reveal a lively deck provides the final hinge to a remarkable “open box” design. via

Open Box 2 House - Before Renovation Open Box 2 House - Dining Room Open Box 2 House - Interior Open Box 2 House - Kitchen
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