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Okeanos Aquascaping Fusing Luxury, Aquariums and Design at Its Best

Okeanos Aquascaping

Okeanos Aquascaping, a full service custom aquarium and pond design firm is creating works of art through their specialized luxury aquariums with beautiful design fusions that are lusted after by national and international media and owned by influential tastemakers around the world.

Freshwater Live Plants Aquarium

As a way to see marine ecosystems intertwined with custom design that radiates elegance and modernism, Okeanos highlights the architecture and interior décor of a client’s living or working space in luxury homes and high-end commercial buildings and integrates aquariums and pond design flawlessly.

The mastermind duo Martin Schapira and Noam Kamelhar personally consult with their clients from start to finish on each project working with their client’s style and budget as well as providing them the unique opportunity to travel the world with their team on five star vacations to exotic islands and coral reefs. Clients are able to select their own environment, fish, coral, and livestock and Okeanos will create a customized replica in the client’s location of choice. Okeanos also offers public and private educational seminars about exotic lifestock and pond and aquarium environments. Okeanos’ one-of-a-kind design pieces are as fascinating to the eye as they are revolutionary whether you view them up close or afar. To view Okeanos’ gallery, visit

Coral Reef Aquarium Saltwater Fish Only Aquarium
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