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Norway Powered by Nature, Norwegian Pavilion at Shanghai Expo 2010

Norwegian Pavilion at Shanghai Expo 2010

As Shanghai Expo 2010 carries a theme in association with sustainable urban development, Norwegian Pavilion takes on the challenge by placing emphasis and awareness on various aspects of sustainability under its basic concept “Norway Powered by Nature”. By promoting architecture that facilitates social sustainability, healthy public recreational areas and environmentally friendly urban structures and infrastructures, the pavilion also contributes to the issues of the ongoing explosive urbanization in China.

Shanghai Expo 2010 Norwegian Pavilion

Norwegian Pavilion aims to show different aspects of important relation between nature and cultural activities both in the physical design and films. An intention of the design was to create a new whole through the synergetic linking of different disciplines, cultures and development processes. This new whole is expressed as an evocative and heterogeneous landscape, which combines Norwegian and Chinese culture, commerce, technology and art.

Out of an understanding that a sustainable future use is about an understanding of long-term cycles, the Norwegian Pavilion is composed as prefabricated building kit of 15 “trees” constructed in timber of Norwegian pine. The choice of glue-laminated timber for the main construction has been made to diminish impact on the environment. As a renewable material, timber is beneficial to the environment through the storing of CO2 and enabling easy assimilation into new cycles when disposed.

Dealing with the low-energy concept, the Pavilion integrates solar panels, water collection and adjustable air vents all into the architecture and part of the exhibition. The roof structure is a four point sail membrane construction. The fabric shades against direct sunlight while admitting diffuse light, thus saving energy for interior lighting. The fabric reduces structural bulk, and is easy to transport and re-use. Norwegian Pavilion Design Team is Arkitektfirma Helen & Hard AS.

Shanghai Expo 2010 Norwegian Pavilion - Interior 2010 Shanghai Expo Norwegian Pavilion 2010 Shanghai Expo Norwegian Pavilion - Interior
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