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Nilfisk Upgrades its Road Sweeper Portfolio

Nilfisk Road Sweepers

Nilfisk-Advance has announced the introduction of two upgraded ver-sions of its ride-on road sweeper series. The Nilfisk RS 851 replaces the former RS 850 model, while Nilfisk Nilfisk RS1301 replaces the RS 1300. Both RS 851 and RS 1301 meet the demands of modern city cleaning. They are not only productive and cost efficient, they also feature best-in-class performance in terms of both suction and airflow.

New developments on both machines include:
– Engine: VM D703IE3 (RS851) and VM D754IE3 (RS1301)
– Maintenance Tracking System – a diagnostic/service box
– Complete anticorrosion treatment

Other features are: safety throttle pedal sensor, new engine air intake fil-ter, emergency switch, battery release switch etc.

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