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New RapidRoll 3000 XXL from Albany Door Systems

Albany Door Systems  RapidRoll 3000 XXL

The new RapidRoll® 3000 XXL sets the standards in the area of door logistics Today’s conditions, with positively exploding energy prices and current climate controversy, cause companies with large rooms to long all the more sofor cost stabilising door solutions. With its new product development, Albany Door Systems has impressively met this technically demanding task, thereby imparting its wide selection of logistical door solutions with a new dimension. The new RapidRoll® 3000 from Albany Door Systems ( is a aluminium high speed rolling door developed for use as an outside closing for highly frequented door openings with XXL construction.

The RapidRoll® 3000XXL can attest to a door height clearance space of up to 6 meters and a door surface of up to 36m². In spite of such a large size and a door width of up to 8 meters, the door solution displays 3rd class wind resistance according to EN 12424. Further noticeable features like durability and reliability completely fulfill the requirements of high industrial priority. The side panels of the RapidRoll® 3000XXL are serially made from galvanised steel and powder colour coated with RAL colour as desired. The door curtain, exposed to wind and weather, is tried and tested in the daily industry with anodised aluminium profiles. It is service friendly and available as well powder colour coated with RAL colour. The MCC Vector Controls allow for Albany’s door solution to exhibit impressive opening and closing speeds of up to 1.8 m/s and 0.6 m/s in combination with the motor, making the RapidRoll® 3000XXL a true high speed door from Albany Door Systems ( The model sophistication and partiallly patented safety features fulfill all of the applicable regulations. The advanced safety laser detection system secures the work environment at the highest level. The extraordinarily robust combination of outstanding size, speed and safety of the RapidRoll® 3000XXL make the door, in combination with its cost stabilising potential, a colossally convincing door solution from Albany Door Systems. Website:

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