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Mourning House by Pascal Arquitectos

Mourning House entrance design

Modern house architecture called Mourning House is designed by Pascal Arquitectos’ Located in Bosques de las Lomas Mexico City. This modern house’s Area: 262 m2. This is a project with very strong emotional implications. The house is made to understand the mood of the user, who at such this moment would not care very much for an aesthetical analisis of any place, but at the same time we wanted to create a space that can create a spritual mood.

Mourning House corridor design

Mourning House by Pascal Arquitectos is one of the unique building house which has no furniture at all inside the house, only a floating bench surrounding the room, that is made out of the same wood used in all the building. The building welcomes de visitor with a 6´4” wide and 30´ high triangular shaped wooden door which leads to an access tunnel in the same shape, creating a solemn atmosphere as you enter.

Mourning House dining room design Mourning House glass window design Mourning House living room sketch
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