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Monte-Silo House by Gigaplex Architects

Monte-Silo House - Architecture Residence

The architect and designer Gigaplex Architects has designed Monte-Silo House. a homey and cozy shelter to live as a residence that accommodating for a single man and weekend guests, including grandchildren, located next to Provo River. Two linked corrugated metal grain silos arranged to allow the largest (27’ diameter) to have the most proximate visual and aural access to the Provo River, and the southern exposure to ensure passive solar heat gain during the winter. An electric mesh is embedded into the slabs of the lower floor as a first auxiliary heat source, and a propane-burning stove (manageable by internet) will provide the back-up. The metal grating and guard rail of the second level deck will provide shading into this great-room space during the summer months. Includes a “Bed in a Box” concept, each one complete with stereo sound and flat screen monitor. via

Monte-Silo House - Bedroom Monte-Silo House - Interior Monte-Silo House - Kitchen
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