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Modern Architecture Villa Savoye, France

Villa Savoie glass window design

The modern architecture design called Villa Savoie is designed by the architect Le Corbusier as a weekend country house. Le Corbusier building is located in north of Paris, France. This modern house has great interior and exterior design which has futuristic design theme. The kitchen, bedroom and bathromm, dining and living room are designed into sophisticated design makes the owner wants to stay always inside the house.

Villa Savoie rooftop design

The Villa Savoie house demonstrates the ‘Five Points’ that Corb placed central to his work, briefly piloti, fenetre longeur, free plan, active roof space and free facade. He was very focused on proportion of mass and space and keen to meld lessons from Classical architecture with modern technology exploited in cars, ships and planes. For more detail refer ‘Towards a New architecture’ by Le Corbusier

Villa Savoie stair to second floor design Villa Savoie stair to the roof design
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