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Mikou Design Studio’s Swimming Pool Feng Shui

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Established in 2005 by Selma Mikou and Salwa Mikou, Paris-based Mikou Design Studio work on projects on large private and public buildings, residences, offices and important redevelopments of public areas within the framework of re-qualification of urban and harbour planning. This architectural firm have received so many awards for their works and one of them is this ‘Swimming Pool Feng Shui’ that won the first prise in a competition for a swimming pool in the city of Issy les Moulineaux, France.

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In designing this Swimming Pool Feng Shui, Mikou Design Studio give the best design team of them including Salwa Mikou, Selma Mikou, Cécile Jalby, Iskra Pencheva, Carlotta Mazzi, Michela Romanó, Martha Thumiger, Felicia Vocke, Martin Tubiana, Alfredo Huertas, Henry Beech-Mole). The 4 000 m2 public swimming pool which located in Issy les Moulineaux, France, Piscine du Fort was conceived as a praxis of lucidity, transparency and architectonic fluidity, where natural light defines the spatial experience.

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