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Matrix Total Home System from NTI

NTI Matrix Total Home System

NTI’s Matrix is an integrated appliance that combines a gas-fired condensing boiler and furnace, condensing demand water heater, and heat-recovery ventilator into a single unit, and it is pre-configured for air conditioning. According to NTI, the Matrix’s advanced heat exchanger is capable of reducing gas consumption by 30% compared with a conventional system, providing an AFUE of 94 for forced-air and 92.7 for hydronic heating, and an energy factor of 0.85 for water heating. The Matrix can deliver five gallons of hot water per minute at 110°F (43°C) without a tank or standby energy loss. Features include an efficient, variable-speed, electronically commutated (ECM) motor; a microprocessor that adjusts heat output based on the home environment; and a sealed-combustion system that draws in outdoor air and directly vents exhaust. Compared with standard products, the efficient combustion results in less cycling, improved efficiency, and less noise, and it can be vented using conventional plastic piping. The Matrix is the first product to meet Canada’s new CSA-P.10 standard for integrated mechanical systems, and it achieved a premium designation for the highest efficiency.

NTI Matrix Total Home System - Inside

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